Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Dog Ate My Homework...

Guilty! This is Tommy. I have been watching him and his brother this past week while their parents are away on vacation. Last night during the last potty break before bed I took my camera out as usual (you never know what you may find out in the middle of the night/early morning). I sat there while the boys ran around doing their business, sniffing out late night creatures and playing in the dirt. I stretched, got up from the porch steps and decided to sniff around myself. This was how I found the cicada I photographed a few nights before. I knew I'd find something...and I did. There was another large cicada quietly hiding on a nearby piece of wood. I knew I already had a photo of a cicada, but I can't help my fascination with nature and this one was a different color. I sleepily prepared to take a few shots. I squatted down near the subject, turned my camera on and made sure my exposure was set correctly. Ok, ready! And just as I am about to take the photo, this guy photographed above trots over and CHOMP! He grabbed my subject and playfully jumped in a semicircle to face me. He sneezed, startled, and spit out the bug. The cicada wiggled in the grass and I gained a second hope of photographing it. Tommy was just moving my subject to the grass. How helpful! Then Tommy took notice of the cicada's movement in the grass. He hopped from side to side quickly and mischievously, and snatched the cicada again. I hoped he would spit the bug out again, but before I could even finish hoping I heard a very loud Crunch! Crunch! CRUNCH! And my photo subject quickly turned into a late night snack. Photographed above is the shot I got after Tommy's snack. Needless to say, I didn't get to shoot the cicada. Little bugger!

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