Friday, August 10, 2012

Cicada - Fresh Outta the Shell

So, I found another cicada last night wandering through the grass. He was going slow and trying to get to higher grounds. I decided to help him out before the dogs caught wind of him. I didn't want another midnight snack incident. Above is the cicada settled and ready to start coming out of it's shell. On the sides of his body you can see where his wings are rolled up and formed, waiting to come out. 

Despite my efforts the keep the cicada from any dog danger in it's journey to become something new, the little guy fell backwards out of his shell once he had emerged and onto the ground....right where the dogs were standing. I managed to grab a stick and the cicada grabbed on quickly. It knew those dogs were after it. He's heard the crunching before. This photo was taken right after the bug fell out and brought back to safety. It's wings are still fairly curled up from being stuffed in its previous form. Below you can see more of the wings.

The cicada didn't want to stay on the bucket I had placed him so I ended up putting him back where he was to begin with. Here you can see that his wings have dried out a little more and are trying to spread. I thought it was quite amazing to watch. I had always wondered where the wings were hidden, but never took enough interest to look it up. Below you can see the wings beginning to form better. Eventually this little guy will look just like the one I photographed a few nights ago. Now I have witnessed the whole process myself and I must say, I do enjoy the little things in life. :)

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