Monday, August 13, 2012

I Miss Film...and School...

I found these on my flickr account today and decided to upload them to my blog. Its been a while since I've worked with any film...and I realize now that I miss it. I miss the sounds of a film camera - the winding of the film, the click of the button. I miss the smell of developer on my hands and absence of light in the darkroom. I even miss standing by the Colex machine warming my hands and waiting for my print to come out - which felt like a lifetime while working on assignments. It must be a day for reminiscing. It feels hard not to today.

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  1. Hi Brandi -

    This is really last minute... I hate to uproot my cat and take her to a friends house with 2 dogs she doesn't know. I am leaving in the morning and will return Friday night. I live on the very North end of HP. "Shelby" is a Maine Coon and she is 12 yrs. old. You would only need to come by once a day. Please call asap if you receive this message soon! My phone has a 910 area code but I'm in HP. 910-367-9086. Thanks so much if you call!